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30 March 2012

We didn't build nothing overnight

Because a love like this takes some time

People swore it off as a phase

Said we can't see that

Too strong for too long

Anybody who's ever loved, ya know just what I feel

Too hard to fake it, nothing can replace it

And if you got it deep in your heart

And deep down you know that it's true

Reveal, or keep it forever.


? 12:06

27 March 2012

Sitting in the dark,
It swept over me.
It is like, everyone does not has anything but everyone has everything.
Strangely, i wanted to let it out,
I could not.
It snaps, it snaps again.
As if I have a choice.
I do not know anymore, no more, no more..
       A broken heart, you see?

? 05:28

10 March 2012

I can still remember,

that was an evening, he held my hand, I felt the roughness and warmt of the palm.

I used to examine the hands, wondering, why are those fingers seem so heavy?

He bought me fire crackers, undescribable excitement for that every second.

It was the reunion dinner night, when everyone used to be together.

Still, it is still killing my from the inside.


? 17:03

06 March 2012

我嫉妒你的愛 氣勢如虹

我陷入 盲目狂戀的 寬容

若愛只剩 誘惑 只剩 彼此   忍受

別再 互相折磨

因為我們都有   錯


? 18:24

05 March 2012

In such a world, image may have nothing to do with reality.

And in a world where image is everything, reality has nothing to do with 'facts' and 'the truth'.

The only truth is power.


? 17:28