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20 November 2010

I'm chillin' and flossin'

It's seven o'clock

I issue a warning

That's right, we're stealing this show

Damn right, letting 'em know
See I don't need a freeloader

No I don't want a freeloader

If you want a piece of this stuff

Got to give, got to give something
I love you nothing but only your fucking sexy boxers.


? 17:36

14 November 2010

Do not worrry, I am fine, just go the way you were traveling

I’ve been so sorry for making things hard
I won’t give reasons or excuses anymore
Thank you for loving me thus far

When tears come out, I will smile, just the way you did for me
I am smiling like a fool, as I send you away

Please take care of that person, I still linger for that person
Once I love you I cannot let go of your hand
Once I send you away, I am hurting like this
It’s too late, but I am still happy

I don’t know why, you worried for me so much
You’ll never know how much I regret this
Because I am like you, I’ve suddenly become a lingering fool
I’ve become pitiful after you left
It’s laughable that I could not be with you when you were here and I am like this now after you left

As my tears hit the back of my hand without a sound
I should be smiling but I cried instead
When I think of that person, when I miss that person
Smiling and crying can no longer console me

Please take care of that person, for the last time…
If I could see that person, I will smile brightly

If you see me, please smile

Never,never,you never right,for what u are thinking now.


? 17:17

07 November 2010

Every time I heard about you, I ended up messing up that day

Why does it still feel like you still belong to me?

How can you bring someone else into my spot?

When will my heart calm down to your news, your name?

When will my heart be able to call the times we spent just memories?

My stupid heart, my stupid heart only knows one

How can I bring someone else into your spot?

If you came back, if can wish for anything I want you next to me

The happy memoires, they are all just tears for me

Yeah,purking dramatic. This post would be great if its dedicated to U.


? 03:35