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31 December 2010

It's dangerous.

Taking the risk, but ain't that easy.

People like us, get what we want with a cruel twist.

Time will fucking prove everything.

Fuck this line, but this is the only line that keeps me moving.

I knew everything, all this while.

Sometimes saying nothing, said everything.

Silent doesn't mean nothing.

Just let it flow.

I won't lose this time, i believe.

I won't let it 'snap'. I won't let it loose.

I promised myself.

So fuck yea.


? 19:36

29 December 2010


When I open my eyes, I can't face the truth.

You gotta pay back, every single time when you got something good.

Not lucky, not lucky enough, easy to let go, tough to get back.

You won't know, you won't know when would it come.

I believe in karma.

I'm a bad person.

I knew it all along.

Gosh, when it 'snap' again, the worst one, those screw loosen again, in my brain.

You probably will meet me in mental hospital.

This ain't a joke but this is not true.


? 19:23

28 December 2010

Because of you, I remember crying til dawn boy
I regret every time I think about you when my heart was too easy, huh boy?
I'm too good to throw away and too boring to have
You should've treated me better when we were together, why are you clinging me now?

You fooled me with your lies hundred of times
From today on, I'll be the bad girl who makes guys cry 
Now without a single tear, I'll laugh at you
Loser who's inside a game called love
Get on you knees and take me back
If not, get the fuck out of my sight right now

From now on I really don't care, I'll get out of the way

Boy, I don't care.


? 14:45

27 December 2010

You’re so cheap and this isn’t like you

I can’t get used to it now, It makes me dizzy, why

Think it over before you say it.
A guy that used to follow me around, a very decent guy

I let everything go for you alone

And ya try living without me.
Tonight of all times, why is it raining again

It makes me look so pitiful

Don’t try to console me

Move this hand, we’re strangers now
Just say what you gotta say

How can you be uncool to the very end?

I’m walkin’ out of destiny

Not pitifully alone, but a glamorous solo
That’s my way
I gave it my all, so I don’t have regrets

Pretending like you’re more sad
Pretending you’re cool to the end

All you do is act a fool
You ain’t shit without your crew

Don’t worry about me and go away

I’ll disappear, no strings attached
You thought I’d hang onto you
It’s disgusting, don’t misunderstand

I’ll meet someone so much better

I’ll make you regret it all

Sadness is only for now, boy

I don't have time, i gotta go
Cause' love is over

Love, love is over tonight.

Just, go away.


? 05:39

25 December 2010

Love, Can't live with it.
Can't live without it.

I ain't lucky, lack abit of it.

Fuck this, let me be completely heartless.

Because more than half of it is already broken.


? 18:12

24 December 2010

God is the only one who can do everything, human should just do what they are capable for.

You should love yourself before it is made illegal.

Everyone is gonna to hurt you, but you just need to select who is worth for the pain.

And if you don't know how to fix it, stop breaking it.

Love is like paradise, like prison.

And you don't need to break me, because I already broken.

Love is not a feeling, its a capability.

You listen to people a lot, because its empty inside you.

Like, the one who laugh the loudest is actually the saddest one.

Time will fucking prove everything.

And I'm still about this thing call love.


? 20:09

23 December 2010

I'm lying here in the dark

I'm watching you sleep, it hurts a lot

Softly my two eyes close

My tears trickle down

I’m afraid for everything

if this is the end

So many things I didn’t say
My shaking, burning hot lips

This heart can’t take it for even a day

U won't understand even if i told ya, they are all in my brain.
In my brain. lol.


? 16:55

Have you ever love someone so much, you'd give a arm for?

Not the expression, no, literally give an arm for?

When they know they are you heart,

And you know you are their armor

And you will destroy anyone who whould try to harm' em

But what happens, when karma turn around and bites you?

And everything you stand for, turns on you, despite you?

What happens when you become the main source of the pain?

Its so freaking sad, seriously.
Eminem is just awesome.


? 15:05

Both of them, in the theatre, holding hand.

It was a love story.

It was very good in the beginning, but it just ended up miserably.

The fact that, they can become closer and closer but they can never be together.

She cried, tears non-stop dropping on the cheek.

He hugged her tightly, he felt terribly remorseful.

It wasn't because the movie was sad, but it was the last movie that she watched with him.


? 10:51

14 December 2010

When you walk,

when you talk,

I get the tingle,

I wanna mingle,

this is what I want.

You got me goin'

You're so charmin'

But I can't do it.

I knew this all along.

U fucking womanizer.


? 05:13

13 December 2010

" I don't want to give up anything for love, but I don't want ended with my career alone and with no love. "


? 07:20

11 December 2010

It doesn't matter if u are slow,at least u started moving.
Sort of relief, bit by bit.

U wouldn't know how it feels. When it strikes,ur heart stop for awhile. It sank.
I knew it all along.
Never,never lose in the game.

And when I'm losing,i will surrender.

The eyes, the smile, the feeling, to me or you, they are all fake.

So, this is the ugly truth.


? 02:09