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thank you.

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31 December 2009

I did it for 5 hours and i didn't even hear a 'Thank you' from U.
LOL. It's stupid. The stupidest thing that i ever did!
Throw it if u don't like it!
As what i did for the stupid 5 hours is just in vain.
It didn't even make u happy!
So sorry that, my stupid hands couldn't make it nicely! If i didn't take it seriously. I wont even remember this liltle shit is still in my room! on my desk!
Throw it if u don't think it's nice.

I worried for 2 nights, affraid that i couldn't buy the present.
Called and msg countless times. Wot i did once i got the salary??
U never know. U never know how i felt. U never know how i felt when i was crying alone.
I must be very inconsiderate and emotionally unstable to U.
Cus of who? I wont get angry or even have the heart to angry if u are NOT important to me!

Still need to ask?
Still need to ask wot happened to me?
Couldn't u feel it?

haha..' sorry that i cant be perfect then.'
U know how hurt i felt when i saw this?
No one is perfect. i have never want u to be perfect. As im not perfect.
Maybe i expected too much..But i just need more care, am i wrong again?
It seems that everything i did is wrong.

Saki chew, thought u are always the heartbreaker? LOL


? 11:12

Don't feel like the same as last time anymore..but it's just a very short period..
Things changed that much. Am i too sensitive again?
And so it's true. 'when u CRY u cry ALONE'
Learned. Learned a lesson.
Don't ever expect and demand so much different from the last, because it will just lead you to disappointment and hurts.
Or i shall just to not be greedy? Wished i know.

it's not her name anymore.


? 05:44

30 December 2009

I have never thought about IT.

Am i too sensitive or wot?
I don't want the stupid incident happens again.

“The world only goes round by misunderstanding.”


? 03:15

27 December 2009

Picture said it all.

It started off like any other Sunday morning.

I was busy as a bee.Taking order here; sending order there.

Being a waitress is really a frustrating job to me which could barely support my living.

My mum's meagre salary could only paid for the utility expenses,let alone for my study.

However,his boyish smile always gain back my strength.

Wilson,my colleague.Oh no,my ex-colleague.

That was an early morning, Auntie Joy found it in the room.

I burst into tears when i received a call from his mum.

Everyone looked solemnly in black and white.

It was drizzling.I had never been feeling that cold. My tears kept rolling down on my cheeks.

I regretted. It was too late for me to confess.

I brazenly demanded for the reason. Alas,no one knows. A mystery.

'Su Ling! There are 3 tables waiting to be served and u are there day dreaming! If u don't like this job, u can always quit!!!'

She woke me up from the nostalgia.

I headed back to work immediately.Pulled back my tears by grinding my teeth.

Its been two years,and i'm still stupidly, aimlessly, hopelessly waiting for the reason.

A reason which no one knows.


? 18:58

So many things come together without giving me time.
I couldn't manage to handle it well.
I might too sensitive or inconsiderate. BUT there is really so much to me!!!!
Tears, not able to hold it back anymore.
Luckily there is still one at this late to listen to me.
Thank you so much dear.
Maybe u will never understand. or i will never understand.
I wish everything will be fine.
My wish is been a very very long time. Its like never fade in my live.
When would it stop? It hurts everytime.everytime i think about it.and i cant get over it..
No one can understand. but ME?

Saki needs to be stronger.


? 18:14

"ρυη¢тυαℓιту ιѕ ∂ιѕαρρσιηтιηg ιƒ ησ σηє ιѕ тнєяє тσ

αρρяє¢ιαтє ιт."

   you should have learnt how to be more responsibility.


? 16:17

It somehow made me sad.
Thought i already get over it. and why am i so angry right now? wtf.
Its like whatever i did also wrong to everyone of you and even U.
It seems like there is no one by my side. WTH.
Have u ever understand? NO.NEVER.
and that's all for this crap.


? 15:46

I already felt so tired of so many things.
I don't want to be tired of U too.

What's the matter now?


? 15:21

26 December 2009

So, here goes another demading list!

Current demand
[sneaker] getting soon.
[handbag] getting soon.
[skinny jeans]
[more love.more love!]
[more care.more care!]
[another smarter brain]
[more heels.more stilettos!]

i miss crossV. =[


? 19:22

24 December 2009

"Perhaps he may have loved her more than I did. However, this does not mean that I loved her any less."

ѕтαιяωαу тσ нєανєη


? 05:54

21 December 2009

Listening to 'Kiss the rain'
I still love this song.
I love music.Always.
I used to play music. um..for a very short while.
However, i love it! Too much!
Since when? Since when i didn't have the chance to play anymore?
Why am i lost the chance?
Isn't it i'm too bad at it?
And why is he deserve this chance!
Since when? Since when i'm not the one that you used to love?
Since when? Since when i've been left behind? 
Sadness, depression, frustration all swept over me.
Why am i so weak? Why am i still so stupid and cant get over it?
I hate! I hate U! I hate myself!
Since when? Since when i started to cry whenever i think about it?
Since when? Since when our relationship became further and further?
Where is the promised hapiness?
Wait..Have we ever make any promises?
All were EMPTY promises.

There is no more, no more..


? 15:44

Nothing else to say besides Thank you!
Once again, thank you so so much!
Good luck in exam ya.

My nice partner =]


? 06:53

20 December 2009





? 21:39

17 December 2009




? 16:45

16 December 2009

Time and time again,

Friendship has somehow eluded me and scattered away as ugly as can be leaving behind a wake of emptiness that fills the void where it once occupied.

Another journey down the path of bitterness is but a journey need taken more than once.


? 17:34

08 December 2009

Just realised his birthday reminding in Facebook.
Its been a really long time we didn't celebrate together.
Like...when was the last time we celebrated together?? lol.i have no idea.
Had this suddenly impulse to buy him something BUT what can i buy here and what he needs?
I won't be with him though.

My brother's birthday is coming soon.

? 14:58

04 December 2009

Sometimes she really hopes that he could understand what is she facing.
Silent doesn't mean nothing. And the phrase 'don't think so much' is already mean nothing.
Felt that, she did so many wrong. Hurting him so much.
Having this sudden feeling that maybe she should stop hurting, stop being bitchy and walk away...
Emotionally unstable.
The most important thing in her life is gradually missing. No one will know.
Although time can fade everything but the scar is forever there.
Apologize might doesn't mean anything, but she truly sorry.
Don't even know what is in her mind.
She needs a rest.

she's just too selfish, hate her.


? 14:24

The dead end.
However, it's how it started.
And she will remember about it.
How it started, how was the scene.

i'm sorry


? 13:03

03 December 2009

3 down. 3 more to go
Abundant of shit coming.
But at least i still can stand straight can continue.

`i need more time.



? 17:42

02 December 2009

“α ℓσт σƒ ωнαт ραѕѕєѕ ƒσя ∂єρяєѕѕιση тнєѕє ∂αуѕ ιѕ ησтнιηg мσяє тнαη α вσ∂у ѕαуιηg тнαт

ιт ηєє∂ѕ ωσяк.”

Sometimes i just don't know what i want.
I'm tired.
I'm sad.
Couldn't really tell how is happening to me.
I'm sorry, if i made people around me not feeling good.
Something is just not under control.

Gonna wake up earlier.

its been 3 months.


? 20:01