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27 February 2010

Well, I don't feel like blogging anyway these days due to I am a miss busy and popular??? LOL. NO!
Im just too lazy and i really don't feel like it.

Im back in the aerobic room which means i back to dance (: (still practicing for the coming event 'dance fiesta' come and support guys!)
Im freaking tired before and after CNY.
I couldn't sleep back once i woke up nowadays >.<
No need to dance for today.
Im craving for garlic toast! HAHA.
I got my result, the same GPA as last semester. ~.~
Um...what else? Oh ya, the weather is fucking hot. i HATE it!!!! !_!

That's it for this moment. Update later maybe?

Oh shit, i feel like my blog is shitty and boring nowadays too! ='''(


? 03:01

12 February 2010

OHH. I finally got a new bag and a pair of heels!!! Thank you Aunty aka Mum.
So next will be hunting for dress. But i have limited time :( AHH. I need accesories too! Gosh, you must be thinking that Saki is so freaking greedy.LOL. AND i will tell you very frankly, YES i AM!! HAHA.
Tomorrow will be a busy and tiring day. Im gonna read before i fall asleep.

Im going to miss U.


? 14:46

11 February 2010

ι ∂ση'т ℓιкє ∂єƒιηιηg муѕєℓƒ. ι נυѕт αм.

By,Britney Spear


? 16:01

10 February 2010

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.

However, sometimes i really wonder that am i making friends feel that im too fake in front of them or im just too annoying to them. It's hurt when you start realising that the friend who is meant a lot to you, but you are just nothing to her. Well, i might be too sensitive? I always convince myself that im thinking too much but this stupid reason seems so unconvicing. I mustn't get a very close friend or what. At least accept who i am? LOL. This line sounds so like say to a boyfriend rather than a friend. Well, I don't care anymore let alone i am sad. If you don't like me, just leave and live in your own world. (: 

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”

AND I really have some. U guys are great =)
You know who u are! <3


? 11:26

09 February 2010

Just done customizing charmaine's blog layout.HAHA. Like it bitch?
Nothing much about today. But i really need more exercises.
And i wanna read!! LOL. Craving for books instead of any other foods just after the damn exam! 
Im a weirdo i know..

Well, something is back. The feeling is back. It strengthen me. Pls. let it continue, i need them badly :(
So, tomorrow definitely will exercise and read. Gonna let you know whether am i really gonna make it.haha.
Hope to go for shopping tomorrow. I want heels and bag. And of course, my clothes >.<


? 17:26

08 February 2010

Exam is OVER!! Phew~~ How many sleepless nights everyone? LOL
So to Ipoh buddies, Im BACK!!! haha..I miss you guys so much.
And im gonna miss Uni friends so much too! >.<
Cant wait to see you all again!

Well, went to shop with wifey and sis them but i couldn't find any piece of clothes that i like!! >.<
Im gonna hunt again!
Things are going smoothly i guess?? I really hope they are! >.<
*fingers crossed* Everything gonna be alright okay?

Gonna play games and movies since i missed a lot!!! HAHA.


? 16:37

01 February 2010

Exam starts tomorrow. U guys may probably see some post going to be titled "ignore#1","ignore#2"...While im revising the notes. Im gonna take a nap first.
Wish me me luck!

All the best f.r.i.e.n.d.s. :)

*fingers crossed*


? 07:49