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29 October 2009

“ιƒ ѕσмєσηє ιѕ тσσ тιяє∂ тσ gινє уσυ α ѕмιℓє, ℓєανє σηє σƒ

уσυя σωη, вє¢αυѕє ησ σηє ηєє∂ѕ α

ѕмιℓє αѕ мυ¢н αѕ тнσѕє ωнσ нανє ησηє тσ gινє”

Sakkie don't like уσυ.


? 02:40

I'm tired!!!
I'm going to hit the sack!

Went to eat steamboat with bro them by foots. Never expect that i could do that. Give me a big hand!haha. *mad* due to over exhausted.
Boarded bus went class this morning..I nearly missed the bus. haha.
Feeling like long time never take bus but i still don't like it. LOL.

Seriously, i'm feeling so tired...






? 02:33

26 October 2009

I'm tired. Seriously, these few days were really so tiring.

I can't breath.



? 16:00

" She was tired of just existing; she wanted to live.but what was the point in living when there was no life in it."

From p.s i love you


? 05:22

24 October 2009

“ρℓαу ƒαιя. ∂ση'т нιт ρєσρℓє. ѕαу уσυ'яє ѕσяяу ωнєη уσυ нυят ѕσмєвσ∂у.”

By, Robert Fulghum


? 15:51

Its been a week of second semester of  Uni.
Is busying for dancing practice these days in order to perform well in the coming event.
Well, nothing much wanna tell about the life now. Consider that everything just not align smoothly.
I just can't help the feeling of fed up.

So, this part is only the crucial part of this post.

I might said something that didn't make u feeling well. I know that its hurt.
However, i really have no intention to do this to U.
I really feel sorry. Guiltiness swept over me.
I believe that it is always right to be direct but not just keep everything in the heart.
Don't wanna make matter worse.
I'm TRULY sorry.
I'm sorry.

Sorry...u heard?
Yes,i'm saying it to U.


? 15:44

23 October 2009

He asked, ' I have a request. Can i hold ur hand and sleep with u for the last night? '

She couldn't even utter a word but burst into tears. She regretted. She couldn't even answer by what he asked.

Yeah. What is passed is passed. She knew it.

'So sorry that i really have to go but i love u.' He said it before leaving.

'If u really love me then please don't let go my hand!'

He left without looking back.

Finally she got the chance to meet him, for the last time in Rome.

The place where they met, the place where they ended.

She couldn't stop crying in the mortuary.

Bye, Sam.


? 12:04

21 October 2009

I just didn't feel like blogging yesterday and i'm tired too.
Had Web page design pratical yesterday. It's so damn freaking boring! LOL
I slept a lot but i still feeling tired.haha. Insane.
Just not really in good mood. So, don't make me cross! haha. *cross ya fingers*

To U,
Although i don't really know what is ur problem, hope u will get over it soon.
All Da best, my W****! <3

I'm grumpy, stubborn, rude, poor, stupid(not all the time) and so on...
LOL. Who cares?
And i hate u. The son of the b*tch!


? 22:09

19 October 2009

Kiss the rain

Whenever you need me

Kiss the rain

Whenever I'm gone too long

If your lips feel lonely and thirsty

Kiss the rain

And wait for the dawn

Keep in mind

We're under the same sky

And the night's

As empty for me as for you

If you feel

You can't wait till morning

Kiss the rain

As you fall

Over me

Think of me

Think of me

Only me


Can you hear me

I'll always love you

So why am I still here in the rain.

kiss the rain


? 17:12

I'm sleepy and tired but i CAN'T sleep!!!!

Something is missing in me.
But remain a broken heart.

Broken heart, u see?


? 16:59












? 11:36

18 October 2009

So this is the last post for -Nobody but U-
I gonna go back soon.=]
Can't wait to see u guys!!
haha..miss me right? LOL

With this,
I would like to end the post.


? 16:06

17 October 2009

I did it for my blog. (:

If I make a fool of myself, who cares?

I'm not frightened by anyone's perception of me.
by Angelina Jolie.


? 15:36

I just came back from my grandma's birthday dinner.

Happy birthday to u!

Realised that i really quite far away from u all,not physically though.
Well, everything changed.
Pet sis is right. When thing went wrong, it wouldn't be the same anymore.
However, i really hope there is a second chance.

тιмє ιѕ яєαℓℓу ηєє∂є∂


? 15:10

16 October 2009

I used to help him massage when i was young.
However, i won't do that for him again.
In fact, we are far apart.
Too many things happened.

I hope u will recover soon.
May god bless you, my uncle.

Sakkie is emotional unstable.


? 16:43

тσ ℓσνє ιѕ ησтнιηg.
тσ вє ℓσνє∂ ιѕ ѕσмєтнιηg.
                           тσ ℓσνє, αη∂ вє ℓσνє∂, ιѕ єνєяутнιηg.


? 16:28

Thought the 'nobody but U' should last for only one more day. Oh no.Today should be the last day for it.
However, things didn't go spontaneous as how i wish. Fed up!
Anyways, i can't control everything. So, just let it be. Let this category last for 2 more days. (:

Currently watching 'Team Medical Dragon', a japanese drama. It is AweSOME!!! haha.

There is a list for myself:
`Finish the awesome drama.
`Finish 'p.s i love u'.
`Go to granny's birthday dinner.

Um...what else? I should have added sleep early and save money! LOL.
Well, i will try my best to do them! HAHA.


? 16:22

Hey people!

Sakkie  here. I'm not a new user , in fact i had my previous account here. Got sick of my

previous posts thus the creation of this new account .I'm saki chew.Nothing special about me but just narcissistic sometimes. Well, u might found me bitchy,cocky or wot.lol. Who cares? Dun like this site?quit it! I love my family. I love friends! And i love U.

I'm kind in deep. ♥


? 06:20