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20 April 2011

When the moment you want to see me crash.

U already lost when U took the first step.

Get the fuck out boy, U ain't anything anymore. No, not, anymore.

And it cut like a knife when I ask you get a life.


? 21:22

16 April 2011

因为爱情 不会轻易悲伤


因为爱情 简单的生长


因为爱情 怎么会有沧桑


因为爱情 在那个地方





? 04:20

15 April 2011

oohhhhh, time flies.

I was wearing my favourite checked shirt with my uncomfortable tube inside that day.

Didn't know there are so many things we like in common.

Hell yeah, i'm fussy, bossy, bitchy all da time. I know.

But you are awesome.

Best friend stays with you forever.

Don't wanna give you extra wishes other than the best one, but make it youself!!!



? 11:02

13 April 2011

" I'm sorry, but it wasn't what I thought." he said.
" Sorry? 5 years! I gave you all of me, and you throw it into trash! Does her lips taste better than mine?" Jennifer cried.

He never knew that he will do everything to get one more chance.
If, if only he knew what he knows today.
Today, at her funeral, he can't, he can't even stand straight, can't stop his trembling lips.

It always involve death, death of the heart.


? 14:15

12 April 2011

Oh my boy

I love you

Like I never ever loved no one before you

boy you're mine

Just tell me you love me too

Oh my boy

I need you

Oh my boy I do

Let me inside

Make me stay

Right beside you
IF, if I can ever found one.
And what if I can take it no more?


? 16:02

07 April 2011

What can I do, to make you mine

Falling so hard so fast this time

What did I say, what did you do?

How did I fall in love with you?

No, this is not my heart.


? 16:02

I Love the Way you LIE.


? 02:59

06 April 2011

Holding back all the time.

And I realised best friends stay with you forever.

Courtesy. You don't have to give if you are not willing to. Save it.

I gave you the heart, and it is in the trash now.

Don't ever be nice to me if you don't want to.

Don't ever smile to me, it is very forceful.

Don't fucking act like you are care, it is not needed.

But I will still be nice.

Being nice to someone you dislike is not fake but you are mature enough to tolerate yur dislike towards them.

Remember? Remember that how good we used to be?



? 06:51