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24 June 2013

I don't want to say he is my kind

I don't want to say that he is mine

I don't want to tell him that 
i love him more than life, more than life 

I know it is wrong for me to say. 

That girl


? 01:09

11 June 2013

Love, at every opportunity you are given to love. Be less afraid. Embrace each day (none are promised). Cry when you need to, it'll make you feel better. You were put on this planet to feel every feeling you could, do that. Everything works out in the end. 

I wrote this for you


? 12:24

19 May 2013

You said you need me.

You said if I come any closer, you are not letting me go.

You said you love me.

You said you are sorry. 

And I have promised myself that you are not allowed to hurt me anymore, and that's what hurt the most. 


? 12:41

10 May 2013

A birthday wish 

it could be simply an excuse to have fun

it could be a sincere remembrance of someone

it could be a coincidence that happened to encounter the reminder

what's the point of this gesture when the person barely appear in your mind?

what's the point of this gesture that the wish will soon to be forgotten? 

What is bitter is when the wish is not even necessary.

And What I fear most is that the only wish I long for will never come again.
And What I even fear is that, oneday, I will stop longing for the wish. 

I started to hate birthday.

I stopped wishing. 


? 18:34

08 May 2013




? 19:38

there is too much in mind.

1. future is vague

2. what should i do?
3. i'm sick of seeing people posting their song covers on facebook
4. stop all the hashtags bitches
5. feel like throwing up seeing people posting kissing pictures.intheclub.with your ALLDATIME attire in club.
6. blogs full with pictures,foods,your pictures, people's pictures, BORING.
7. i think i should deactivate my facebook account
8. money, i need moneyyyyyy!
9. i don't know, but i am done, mentally done with this shit.
10. i hate you.
11. im gonna read something.
12. gonna finish the painting.
156. and ignore the world!



? 14:08

20 April 2013

And I dreamed of you
And I thought everything is just fine
And I love you is all I want to tell you
And I was awaken
And then I realised you are not here


? 11:56